Handy Hay Loader LLC - "Your Horse Trailer's Missing Helper"

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Handy Hay Loader

Introducing the Handy Hay Loader    
Welcome to the Handy Hay Loader website. Please be patient with us while we work to set up a website that will introduce you to our new product.  Our desire is to inform you about the advantages of owning our handy helper and also educate you about it's attributes.  Take the tour and get to know a little about us and how the idea of "Handy" became a reality. 

"The Handy Hay Loader" is your  horse trailer's missing helper!
This handy helper is the answer to your hay hauling dilemma.  It can quickly and safely lift 2 bales of hay at a time and dump them into your trailer's hay rack . It will also unload the hay eliminating the risk of breaking the bales by tossing them off of your trailer. "Handy" will do the work for you by loading several bales before having to arrange them thus saving you countless trips up and down the ladder. (check out the unique features of the  Handy ladder in the video).  The Handy Hay Loader enables you to use the hay rack for what it is intended for allowing  more space for more stuff (you ladies will like that).  

You may purchase "Handy" from this page or you may contact us by phone or e-mail.  See the Contact Us page for information.   

Check back later for new updates. Hopefully you will find the tour a little entertaining as well as informative. 
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